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Bijoux Falls

First Stop – Bijoux Falls

If you live in the Peace Country you know that the first stop when going south is ALWAYS Bijoux Falls. If I had a dollar for every picture of one or more of my kids posed in front of the falls – well, let’s just say it would make a big dent in the fuel bill for this trip.

bijoux falls

And of course the obligatory photo in front of the falls…

Me an’ Bill, diggin’ the falls… lol.

But there’s another spot at Bijoux that I like a lot. Just downstream there’s a spot where you can go right to the edge of the water. Always lots of rocks (I like rocks). I built a teeny tiny inukshuk and then when I turned around I saw someone had beat me to it. Theirs was bigger, but mine was cuter.

my inukshuk

My inukshuk


their inukshuk

Their inukshuk.

Next stop Prince George for a diesel top up, then we’ll find a nice spot to pull over and build some lunch in the camper.





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