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Daisy, Daisy, Smiling Baker Lady

Coconut buns with orange rind
Breads of every shape and size
Sponge cake, raspberry and ganache
Face it, this girl’s got panache. 

Oh it’s Daisy, Daisy,
she fills her facebook bak’ry
With pictures of culinary feats
You can almost smell the tempting treats
(yeah, smell them feats!)

Braided bread with apricot,
Tiramisu, crossed buns that are hot,
Multi grain bread and home made jam.
I eat whole wheat therefore I am

 Oh, Daisy, Daisy,
she fills her facebook bak’ry
Baking’s never been such fun
She’s got the most amazing buns
(yeah, check those buns!)

Cinnamon swirl bread and focaccia
Her ‘mise en place’ is always in placcia
I hope one day she’ll be opening
a bakery where I can stop and sing about…

Daisy, Daisy. The smiling baker lady…



Dedicated to my friend Daisy, whose full colour pictures of her amazing baking leap out at me everytime I open my facebook page. Sigh, but Seattle is such a long way to go for a hot crossed bun 😦   If you can’t open a bakery, Daisy, at least open a mail order service!

Redwing Anagrammed

I have never heard
a better reason to wake
than the redwing’s song.
Harken another
divine barrage, and a song,
the sweet tweet hovers.



the second haiku is an anagram of the first while still holding to the 5-7-5 syllable form.

Alone I Live in the Dream of Tomorrows

A I dream love’s moonlit hero went for I
L a swim in the moon, forever rooted L
O onto waves of terror. Hemmed in I
N with a foredoom no mere rest V
E reforms. I woo the dormant E
  morrow adrift on moths  


An odd, self imposed torture and I believe, an original form, each line is an anagram of the one previous (first line is anagrammed from the title) with two letters removed. These removed letters form a type of acrostic, as they spell out the first three words in the title.

Since I think I just invented this poetic form, I’ll call it a Lindacs Poem, until someone bursts my inventive bubble and informs me otherwise!



O Sly Lie – I See, So I Kneel

The webs  I forswore
Between bottom and echo
Time tells few secrets



as per Tony’s challenge to anagram a haiku… this is an anagram of the haiku “How to See”, posted as poem of the day #126

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