Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Redwing Anagrammed

I have never heard
a better reason to wake
than the redwing’s song.
Harken another
divine barrage, and a song,
the sweet tweet hovers.



the second haiku is an anagram of the first while still holding to the 5-7-5 syllable form.

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4 thoughts on “Redwing Anagrammed

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Just seen this. Brilliant! You’ve taken to this anagramming lark* like a duck* to water! It is great fun and as you’ve no doubt found, it opens the door to creative though processes you may not otherwise have thought of 🙂

    PS: You should post these on the anagrammy forum.

    * My feeble attempt to continue the bird theme of your haikus.

  2. alexanderpseudonym on said:

    wow, that’s really quite impressive

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