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It’s All Your Fault

It’s all your fault you know.
The way you packed us up in the car
and dragged us across Canada and back.
If it’s Tuesday this must be Swift Current.
First the tent, then the tent trailer
then the bumper dragger.
I slept in the top bunk and hit my head on the ceiling
every morning.

It’s all your fault.
Those summers on the east coast,
lobster dinner in a Nova Scotia church basement,
Green Gables, Cavendish Beach,
the Reversing Falls, the Magnetic Hill.
The dip into the US; Maine, New Hampshire.
Stacks of snapshots and a few jerky regular 8 movies,
mostly of me and Mum standing beside
landmarks and signs to prove we were there.

It’s all your fault that my feet itch.
That I get that late night, headlight,
count the tar strip by the bumps longing
for the open road.
Your fault that when I’m on the coast I yearn for the mountains
and when I’m in the mountains I yearn t’ward the plains.
It’s all your fault, Dad.
Thank you.



Perfect World

My perfect world never gets colder than
wearing a light sweater will handle.
The sun is warm, not scorching, and it only rains at night.

My perfect world is very green with
generous dollops of flowers and fruit trees.
Cats and dogs don’t scratch or bite – just wag and purr.

My perfect world is home to people who smile
a lot and always have time to play scrabble.
Poets and musicians are admired and stay for free.

And I don’t know if my perfect world is Heaven or
a high end seniors’ home, but Canada’s
the closest to it that I’ve found so far.



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