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It’s All Your Fault

It’s all your fault you know.
The way you packed us up in the car
and dragged us across Canada and back.
If it’s Tuesday this must be Swift Current.
First the tent, then the tent trailer
then the bumper dragger.
I slept in the top bunk and hit my head on the ceiling
every morning.

It’s all your fault.
Those summers on the east coast,
lobster dinner in a Nova Scotia church basement,
Green Gables, Cavendish Beach,
the Reversing Falls, the Magnetic Hill.
The dip into the US; Maine, New Hampshire.
Stacks of snapshots and a few jerky regular 8 movies,
mostly of me and Mum standing beside
landmarks and signs to prove we were there.

It’s all your fault that my feet itch.
That I get that late night, headlight,
count the tar strip by the bumps longing
for the open road.
Your fault that when I’m on the coast I yearn for the mountains
and when I’m in the mountains I yearn t’ward the plains.
It’s all your fault, Dad.
Thank you.



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4 thoughts on “It’s All Your Fault

  1. I love it when a writer creates a visual in my mind’s eye. Amazing. Thank you.

    • You are most welcome. I love it when I can connect with people. It’s the best compliment of all when someone sees something they can identify with in one of my poems. Thanks! 🙂

  2. johnnycrabcakes on said:

    What a wonderful gift is wanderlust! My folks gave me the same gift, damn them. Bit of a curse for me as I haven’t had the opportunity to travel as I’d like, but the bug is still there…never goes away. Had some amazing experiences for which I am truly grateful.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave this comment! It’s very cool when someone can see a little bit of themselves in one of my poems – kinda makes the world feel a little smaller, a little friendlier. 🙂

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