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Elephants at Christmas

Do not peek into bags and boxes.
Do not walk in unannounced.
When Christmas secrets lurk in closets
courteous circumspection counts.

If I ask quite innocently
“What is that behind your back?”
you must tell me quite sincerely
“It’s an elephant in a sack.”

Christmas elephants decked in paper,
ribbons, bows, and ‘to/from’ tags.
Christmas elephants languishing
in colourful boxes, shiny bags.

So keep your speculation checked.
Curb your curiosity.
until the twenty fifth comes ‘round
when all the elephants can run free.



Stay a Child on Christmas Day

There is a child within who waits
impatiently for special dates
who surfaces ‘round Christmas eve;
a child who struggles to believe

that through the glitter something real
is waiting back for them to feel
the wonder once again and smile
deeply, truly, like that child

whose eye once shone with Christmas lights;
who innocently scanned the night
struggling to stay awake
to watch for reindeer pulling sleighs.

We are the ones who still remember
a long ago pristine December,
when we gazed into the night
and spotted Santa’s sleigh go by.

For those who, in their childhood, glimpse
the jolly elf or his footprints
will never grow up all the way
but stay a child on Christmas Day.


Shorter Days Means Longer Nights

I gaze upon the calendar
and see it filling up with cheer;
trimming trees and carolling
and ringing in a brand new year.

It seems that when the days grow short
hardy northerners embark
on merriment and shining lights
that celebrate the early dark.

The days are shorter, that is true.
Some days we never see the sun.
but if the days seem short it’s ‘cause
the nights are filled with festive fun.


What Makes Christmas

I remember contentment on Christmas day,
a calm in the midst of life’s storm.
And I’ve heard people say that it’s harder to find
that peaceful place anymore.

And I think that it’s time we stopped looking so hard
for the magic that lives in us all
and it’s not in the eggnog or gifts ‘neath the tree
or the ivy boughs decking the hall.

I think that it’s time we stopped trying so hard
to orchestrate Christmas each year
instead of listening to the single notes
the contented people hear.

Cause it’s not what we bring to Christmas
from anywhere outside
it’s what we bring of ourselves to the ones we love
that makes it Christmas time.


Carol of the Department Stores

Christmas is coming
merchants getting fat
please put your money
in the department store’s hat.
If you haven’t any money
a credit card will do
if you haven’t got a credit card
Well who needs you?


Days Like These

On days like these
I’d like to be
at home with a quilt upon my knees
with a cup of tea,
just you and me,
and a cat that wouldn’t make you sneeze.

On days like these
I need a squeeze
and, because it’s just that season
a Christmas tree
and something sweet
to nibble on while we both read. 

On days like these
We need not leave
our home to go outside and freeze
I do believe
We should take our ease             
indoors in indolence on days like these.



Too Early

The Thanksgiving turkeys are gobbled and gone.
The pumpkins have all disappeared.
The poppies have all slipped from jacket lapels
as we come to the close of the year.

With each passing occasion the early birds squirm
like the worms they are destined to eat
“now?”, not yet, “now?” not yet, “now?” they whine
Oh, alright – but just don’t blame me

When your house is the only one lit up at night
and stands out like a thumb
that is sore from counting out money to burn
on décor that’s thought tacky by some. 

Well you might win a cash prize for the flickering lights
but I’m willing to wager a bet
that the cost of your monthly electrical bill
those winning will never offset.

And now that the end of November is lurking
like shoppers who wait for a sale,
more LED lights come on down the block
on an even more grander scale.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Christmas and all
but the preamble’s just way too long
The only thing I do this early for Christmas
is practice my Christmas songs.


Labour Day

On Arbour Day you work at planting trees.
On Valentine’s you work at being sweet.

On Christmas Day you work at being festive
On Easter eggs you work you tract digestive.

On Halloween you work at spooky lurking
But on Labour Day you work at not working.



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