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Can't Put the Pen Down…

What Makes Christmas

I remember contentment on Christmas day,
a calm in the midst of life’s storm.
And I’ve heard people say that it’s harder to find
that peaceful place anymore.

And I think that it’s time we stopped looking so hard
for the magic that lives in us all
and it’s not in the eggnog or gifts ‘neath the tree
or the ivy boughs decking the hall.

I think that it’s time we stopped trying so hard
to orchestrate Christmas each year
instead of listening to the single notes
the contented people hear.

Cause it’s not what we bring to Christmas
from anywhere outside
it’s what we bring of ourselves to the ones we love
that makes it Christmas time.


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4 thoughts on “What Makes Christmas

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    So true. If you have to *look* for the magic then it ain’t there in the first place.
    Lovely last verse. Hear, hear!

    One week to go! I shall really miss your daily creations 😦

    • Well, I’m heading into the next step. I hope to be writing about the editing and publishing aspect. But I’m sure I’ll be writing more poems too. It’s gotten to be a habit now – perhaps I’ll just be a little more selective and take the time to edit BEFORE I post, lol!

  2. Well said, and thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

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