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Life Does Not Compute

There is no back button on life,
no control alt delete.
And hard boots are just hard boots,
not do-overs.
Control X won’t erase mistakes
and control Y won’t bring back what’s been lost
and the worms will get us all eventually.


# 5

Motivation Matters

Join a million simple bacteria together
create a powerful organism – capable
of destroying life
with cold, calculating efficiency.

Join a million simple fears together
create a  mindless mob – capable
of leveling civilization
with overwhelming momentum.

Join a million simple computers together
create a super entity – capable
of executing difficult operations
with speed and ease.

Join a million simple hearts together
create an irresistable force – capable
of performing miracles
with compassion and foresight.



A Morning a Hundred and Twenty Four Years Ago

My grandmother was born a hundred and twenty four years ago yesterday to a world where the light bulb was still a new invention.
A child of the industrial revolution, she unwittingly rode a wave of technology all her life.

From a horse drawn world where steam engines
puffed and clanked, revolutionizing industry and transportation, 
to the slow motion moon walk on our black and white TV.
Technology walked along side of her.
She never learned to drive.

She was born the same year barbed wire was invented.
She was born before the gramophone, zippers, and the internal combustion diesel engine.

She was born before teabags, the theory of relativity, and airplanes.
Before cornflakes, cellophane, sonar, automobiles, tanks, Lifesavers, crossword puzzles, radio, stainless steel, fortune cookies and pop up toasters.

She was born before bubble gum and penicillin, before canned beer and the Colt revolver, before ball point pens and computers, before Silly putty, the Slinky, and the atomic bomb.

She was born before jukeboxes, drive in theatres, and the pill; before Superglue, Teflon, and credit cards.

She died around the same time Ethernet, Bic lighters, and gene splicing were invented.
And I wonder if any single life will ever span such an era of change again?

Happy birthday Nanny.



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