Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Motivation Matters

Join a million simple bacteria together
create a powerful organism – capable
of destroying life
with cold, calculating efficiency.

Join a million simple fears together
create a  mindless mob – capable
of leveling civilization
with overwhelming momentum.

Join a million simple computers together
create a super entity – capable
of executing difficult operations
with speed and ease.

Join a million simple hearts together
create an irresistable force – capable
of performing miracles
with compassion and foresight.



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4 thoughts on “Motivation Matters

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Great concept! Interestingly, you could remove the last line of each verse and still deliver a very powerful message (although, admittedly, it would detract from the poetic quality and flow of the piece)

    • That is a very astute observation Tony, thanks for the input. Now when I look at those last lines my finger keeps twitching towards the delete key. I’ve found, with poetry anyway, that often it’s more about knowing what to leave out than what to add in.

      • Tony Crafter on said:

        Yes, I agree! It struck me in the last verse particularly that the 4th line slightly diluted the power of the 3rd, which really said it all. But, hey, I think your poetry is great and it’s merely an observation, certainly not a criticism. It’s just my perception and others might think differently.

        By the way, I stumbled across the video clip recently of you reading out your poem about the ‘other you’ in a parallel universe. I thought that last line was an absolute classic!

      • Hey, no worries, that wasn’t criticism on your part, that was genuine input and I love that stuff! I belong to a writer’s group where we regularly workshop our writing and I know I’ve grown a lot in technique because of the postitive input of those writers. I would be thrilled if we could get some more involved discussion on technique going on these posts. I find it invigorating to discuss this with other creative people.
        The ‘glasses’ thing on the parallel universe poem has escalated to the point where I now own THREE pairs of glasses (distance, midrange, close up) and rarely know where they all are at any given time, sigh! Hoping to move into graduated lenses one day.

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