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The Cards You’re Dealt

With a steady hand
one can build a house of cards
from a deck of dreams.

But beware the breeze
of your own breath as you sigh
at its perfection

and the well placed dreams
slither down into a pile
of new potential.



I’ve been wondering of late
why I try to change my fate
when I can never know  or see
what my fate will really be.

If I don’t really know for certain
who or what’s behind the curtain
how can I know  the default or
if my future has been altered

or if I’m naively treading
the very path that I’ve been dreading
towards the fate that was laid out
before I started on about

embracing change,  chasing dreams.
or switching horses in mid-stream.
If all my paths lead back to me,
I make my own reality.



Fine Lines

Fine lines can be strong,
as spider webs are to flies,
as dreams are to us.

As dreams are to us
so are flies to the spider
spinning his fine lines.

Spinning his fine lines,
sometimes fate leaves a back door
unlocked, unguarded.

Unlocked, unguarded,
we want to slip the leash but
fine lines can be strong.



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