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Bits and Snippets

I dream in bits and snippets.

Like a chanel surfer,

searching for something new

yet familiar.

Like a film festival of captionless

foreign movie trailers.

My attention deficit manifests

as a long dark hole

in the middle of my consciousness

where ideas, fixations, and fears go

to die, then return to haunt my subconscious.

I know they were there last night.

I know my dreams paraded by like

some circus freak show.

But I can’t recall a single image.

Perhaps my subconscious is just trying

to protect me from insanity.

I can respect that.

Time to rejoin the real world and

pray it makes more sense

than the nightly bits and snippets.




Thunder Storm Rolling Again

count to five.
close my eyes.
Thunder storm’s rolling again.

count to four.
can’t ignore
the spider lights arc through my brain.

count to three
and I need
to run but I’m rooted in place.

count to two
look at you
asleep with a smile on your face.

And I’m waiting for one, I’m completely undone
Tears in my eyes and fears the size of a…

count to three
it recedes
muscles begin to relax

count to four
sounding more
like it’s doubling back on its tracks. 

count to five
close my eyes
Thunder storm’s rolling again.


Motivation Matters

Join a million simple bacteria together
create a powerful organism – capable
of destroying life
with cold, calculating efficiency.

Join a million simple fears together
create a  mindless mob – capable
of leveling civilization
with overwhelming momentum.

Join a million simple computers together
create a super entity – capable
of executing difficult operations
with speed and ease.

Join a million simple hearts together
create an irresistable force – capable
of performing miracles
with compassion and foresight.



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