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Listing Right

When writing a list I often find
I don’t figure in the amount of time
it will take me to get all the chores completed
and the leftovers make me feel defeated.

As I gaze at all of the things left undone
I tend to ignore the other ones,
the ones I accomplished, the ones scratched off
of the list with a flourish, and I really ought

to forget feeling guilty for stuff left undone
and make up a list, as I go, of the ones
I’ve accomplished, then scratch them off of the list
that will always get longer but always be finished.


Sometimes I Think

Sometimes I think I think too much
I lean upon my comfy crutch
and, in introspective vanity
diagnose my own insanity.

I’d like to toss the crutch away
I’d like to stand up straight and say
‘I understand my true calling.”
but I’m so afraid of falling

that all I strengthen is my clutch
upon the ever present crutch.
The crutch I built year after year
from self inflicted guilt and fear.

Sometimes, in retrospect I see
that crutch has been no friend to me.
It’s not a very comfy crutch.
and sometimes I think I think too much.



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