Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Sometimes I Think

Sometimes I think I think too much
I lean upon my comfy crutch
and, in introspective vanity
diagnose my own insanity.

I’d like to toss the crutch away
I’d like to stand up straight and say
‘I understand my true calling.”
but I’m so afraid of falling

that all I strengthen is my clutch
upon the ever present crutch.
The crutch I built year after year
from self inflicted guilt and fear.

Sometimes, in retrospect I see
that crutch has been no friend to me.
It’s not a very comfy crutch.
and sometimes I think I think too much.



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10 thoughts on “Sometimes I Think

  1. There is a time and place for that crutch – but if it is time to toss it sway, you are always ALWAYS stronger than you think!

    • ain’t it the truth!

      • *blush* I see that you understood me despite the typo. Dumb dyslexic fingers… 🙂

      • I have a dyslexic child, no sweat. 🙂

      • What have you found to be good strategies for their learning? (School-age yet?)

      • my daughter is 35 now, let me see… that was a long time ago… the most successful strategy I used was patience and never letting her feel that she wasn’t smart just because she had to work harder than everyone else to read. She understood what the problem was but was never allowed to use it as an excuse for shirking or as a way to gain sympathy. It was simply recognised as a challenge to tackle. She now reads more than many of her peers and has become a fearless and wonderful person. Don’t know if I had anything to do with that, but I’m pretty proud of her nevertheless.

      • It sounds like you gave her exactly what she needed to thrive! So many of our world’s most amazing minds have been plagued with dyslexia. Your daughter is in good company!

      • Indeed! And she IS good company too! lol.

  2. Crutch? Think you threw it in the firepit months ago when you started this ‘poem-a-day’ odessy. You’re not vain, you’re just good.

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