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I need no hearts of paper
fringed in doily lace.
I need no red and pink bouquets
dying in a crystal vase.
I need no gooey chocolates
(well, no more than I ever do)
I only need you. I only need you.
And I love that you need me too.



Take care of your heart

or no one will ever trust

you’ll take care of theirs.




Tender Hearts

I awoke to the moon,
like a giant, celestial snail creeping
across the night sky,
leaving a sparkling trail of light
in her wake.
Haunting the trees
with silver ghosts
and half forgotten memories
of full moons
and hard stars
and tender hearts.


Heart’s Desire

Perhaps the first step
to gaining our heart’s desire
is just letting go
of the desire in our hearts.



Your heart beats again
and I feel mine beating too
heartstrings tugged too hard


Motivation Matters

Join a million simple bacteria together
create a powerful organism – capable
of destroying life
with cold, calculating efficiency.

Join a million simple fears together
create a  mindless mob – capable
of leveling civilization
with overwhelming momentum.

Join a million simple computers together
create a super entity – capable
of executing difficult operations
with speed and ease.

Join a million simple hearts together
create an irresistable force – capable
of performing miracles
with compassion and foresight.



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