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A Toast to Toast

A toast to toast
it makes the most
of bread that’s slightly dry.
Spread margarine
or maybe pean-
ut butter and then try
not to drop
crumbs down your top
they itch so all day long,
they shift in your shift
and slip in your slip
down where they don’t belong.
Though muffins are sweet
toast can’t be beat
for a place to put your jam
Or for homemade
orange marmalade
or scrambled eggs and ham.
And bagels are fine
if you don’t mind
a hole where the jelly gets caught
and then falls through
and drips on you
and leaves a sticky spot.
So toast the toast,
heart of the most
important meal of the day
and sweep off crumbs
and lick off thumbs
and go upon your way.


Cherry Jam

Your nails are lovely,
gelled to rainbow perfection
topped with glowing jewels.

My nails are ragged,
stained with the cherry juice that
jelled to perfection.

We all make choices.
You choose salon perfect nails.
I choose cherry jam.



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