Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Cherry Jam

Your nails are lovely,
gelled to rainbow perfection
topped with glowing jewels.

My nails are ragged,
stained with the cherry juice that
jelled to perfection.

We all make choices.
You choose salon perfect nails.
I choose cherry jam.



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4 thoughts on “Cherry Jam

  1. Tasty! 🙂 We do indeed all make choices… I’d go for jam too…

  2. Hi miss cherry jam…….sounds awesome. At home in Courtenay finally……..enjoying cherry jam from the farmers market. Wish i could make it myself……….but never had official instructions……..I once made jam…in Maymont SK, and it ended up having to get chiseled out of the jar months later, so…there is big time room for improvement. We sliced it and put it on the bread. 🙂 Yours sounds much better.

    • Simple is best – cherries, certo, and sugar. A friend came up from the Okanagan and brought cherries and apricots (apricot jam making slated for tomorrow!) Come and visit and I’ll feed you homemade jam!

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