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Things worth pursuing;
sun beams and prism rainbows.
Things worth sharing;
warm touch and  laughter.
Things worth giving away;
forgiveness and praise.
Things worth keeping;
true love and memories.


My Daughter

In all the years
I’ve watched you grow
from my sweet baby girl
to a strong, proud woman
many things have changed.
But not your smile,
not the irresistible,
infectious giggle; deep,
rich, and totally spontaneous.
My daughter.
What did I do to deserve this honour?


The Road to Somewhere

The road to Nowhere
is paved with good intentions
Not Hell, but Nowhere.

Nowhere is a spot
on the side of the road where
hope ran out of gas.

Don’t blame intentions,
they’re only a starting point.
Next time bring a map.

Bring along a friend.
Travel roads paved with laughter;
they lead to Somewhere.


Now That I am Home… a haiku

Now that I am home
laughter lines are deepening,
frown line fade away.

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