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When Your Feet Hurt

When your feet hurt
the road feels harder
When your feet hurt
you stay in your yard
When your feet hurt
Everything feels worse
Yes, everything feels worse when your feet hurt

When your dogs bark
every step is painful
When your dogs bark
please don’t be disdainful
When your dogs bark
Everything feels worse
Yes, everything feels worse when your feet hurt

When your toes smart
steps are all too high
When your toes smart
snails pass you by
When your toes smart
Everything feels worse
Yes, everything feels worse when your feet hurt
I’m sitting here because I got sore paws
Well it’s really hard to move with aching hooves
Yes, everything feels worse
Everything feels worse when your feet hurt
(Don’t be a heel, just rub my tootsies…)


(yep, I’m thinking this one might end up as a song too…probably blues. lol)

The Beautiful Place

I’m dreaming awake, with my eyes wide open
the world rolls by and nobody notices
dreams behind my eyes
oh, the dreams behind my eyes.

My mind’s eye is a beautiful place
where I can go when I don’t want to race
with the rats or the mice
and their constant advice
about who I am
about who I am.

I’m walking away, without moving
and no one suspects that I might be choosing
a path they’ve never seen
Oh, a path they’ve never seen

I’m floating away from the storms outside
my heart finds the peace of a hurricane’s eye
in just being still
in still being still.



If you think this reads like a song, you’re right. I’ve already put down the working tracks in Bill’s studio and will be working on this song in the future. Who knows, maybe it’ll make it to the CD.  😉

Frozen Heart – (song lyric)

I thought you might be interested in another form of ‘poetry’ that I write – song lyrics. If you click on this link (it’s the fifth song down) you can scroll down and hear the song being performed (from my CD “Breathe”)


There’s a chill in the room

I put another log on the fire

But I know that the flames are never gonna burn much higher.

There’s a chill in the room

No need to wonder where it starts

It’s a cold wind blowin’ over my frozen heart.


The ice – began to form – – years ago

Like a glacier creepin’ through the snow

The ice age came then rumbled on

Freezing my heart like a mastodon

Now I’m ancient hist’ry, me and my frozen heart

Backhoe Blues

I got the following the backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues
I got the following that backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues
Even trucks pullin’ trailers pass us by like yesterday’s news.

I drank a pot of tea this mornin’and it’s causing me some pain
I drank a whole pot of tea this mornin’ and it’s causing me some pain.
If I don’t find a bathroom I may never uncross these eyes again.

Oh, my red lights are flashin’, flashin’ a warning sign
My red lights are flashin’, yes, I’m your warning sign.
Ten miles left to go and I’m bored right outta my mind.

I got the following the backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues
I got the following that backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues
Tappin’ breaks for hours now my foot’s asleep in my shoe.

Well when we get home, I’m gonna park right in the yard
Oh when we get home, gonna park this red truck in the yard
And if you ever ask me to do this again, gonna have think real hard. 

I got the following the backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues……


(This was written with my friend Cynthia in mind, she loves the blues and jazz and she knows what I was doing for three and a half hours yesterday, lol!)

Life the Puzzle

Oh to write a poem or song
and own a few words for a while,
to make them mirrors for your heart and then
to throw them all in to a little Crown Royal bag
like scrabble tiles,
shake them around, listen to them rattle,
then pour them out and start again.
Life the puzzle
Poems and lyrics the clues.



Live Music

Strum and pluck and hammer on jingling
strings ring and jangle on, mingling
melodies lifting, harmonies swell in
surprising falsetto and sweet a’capella,

Lyrical treasure like fresh minted coins
spill for your pleasure, you nod and you join
in the chorus, your toe, with a life of its own
taps out a rhythm your smile starts to grow.

What is this joyous occasion you say?
Live music, live music, come hear it play!



Poems vs. Lyrics – Musings

Lately I’ve been writing more songs than poems. I never have much trouble distinguishing one from the other because  songs ususally come with a melody. There has been the occasional time when a poem has crossed over and become a song, but not often (for me anyway).  The way poetry and songs are presented seems to me to create a definite distinction in how they’re written. Songs are written to be listened to, poems are written to be read. Poems can be longer, can be lingered over, and can impart impact through line enjambment and other more visual effects. Songs, with some exceptions, are usually within the two and a half to four minute presentation, must grab the listener’s attention, and are supported by the musical accompaniment, the vocalist’s inflections, etc…  So two very different forms. And yet sometimes they merge. I find poems more challenging to write; possibly because of the ‘stand alone’ nature of the beast; the words must carry the message on their own. Lyrics share the burden with music and vocal interpretation and that presents another set of challenges.
PS. After a little more research, I find that I am NOT the originator of the anagram poem. In fact there are people so masochistic out there that they have not only written anagrammatic poems, the poems even rhyme. That’s a challenge for another day, I think. 
I like challenges.

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