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Frozen Heart – (song lyric)

I thought you might be interested in another form of ‘poetry’ that I write – song lyrics. If you click on this link (it’s the fifth song down) you can scroll down and hear the song being performed (from my CD “Breathe”)


There’s a chill in the room

I put another log on the fire

But I know that the flames are never gonna burn much higher.

There’s a chill in the room

No need to wonder where it starts

It’s a cold wind blowin’ over my frozen heart.


The ice – began to form – – years ago

Like a glacier creepin’ through the snow

The ice age came then rumbled on

Freezing my heart like a mastodon

Now I’m ancient hist’ry, me and my frozen heart

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4 thoughts on “Frozen Heart – (song lyric)

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Great piece of singing and that’s a pretty cool song too! And as for the wisdom of including the word ‘mastodon’, well it’s an anagram of ‘not so mad’ so there you have it – anagrams never lie 😉

  2. Cynthia on said:

    I like this as a poem and I love it as a song best bit of rhyming ever (mastodon).

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