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Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

To learn something new,
something  breathtakingly new,
unlearn something old.

When you borrow blues,
they fade from deep indigo
to pale robin’s egg.


Everything Old is Screwed Again

You can tell you’ve been around a while
by things that come back into style,
like diets, music, fashions, and the like
I’ve had to ignore disco twice and
I still don’t think tie dye looks nice,
I never know where the sequel bug will strike.

But the thing that comes as no surprise
that makes me sigh and roll my eyes
is Liberal hindsight that casts a rosy glow
over arrogance and the plan to cast
a blasted name from out of the past
and foist a “PM” sequel: “Justin – Son of Trudeau.”


The Old Singer

The old Singer stands in the corner waiting,
legs still slim and pretty, veneer still holding,
though the years have left their scars.
And sometimes I let her sing again,
let her merrily ‘chat-chat-chat-chat-chat’
as we pass the cloth back and forth,
like old times.
But yesterday I sat with threaded needle and
quietly sewed by hand.
She seems to sleep more now a days,
in her corner, on her slim and pretty legs.



Glory Days

The younger you are
the more future you anticipate.
Glory days all waiting in
treasure chests and you hold the key,
like a queen in your garden of dreams.
Some days my head hurts with dreams.
I am overwhelmed by who I might become.

Glory days are forever in a moment
a moment in forever.

The older you get
the more past you accumulate.
Glory days all locked in
individual cells and you hold the key,
like a warden in your prison of memories.
Some days my head hurts with memories.
I am overwhelmed by who I have been.


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