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The Cards You’re Dealt

With a steady hand
one can build a house of cards
from a deck of dreams.

But beware the breeze
of your own breath as you sigh
at its perfection

and the well placed dreams
slither down into a pile
of new potential.


With Apologies to Lao Tse and Yoda

We try to be the best we can
but if we do not understand
what that best could really be
we’re missing opportunities

to plumb the depths and reach the heights
of all the many things we might
achieve if we just looked inside.
Do or do not – there is no ‘try’.



Ordering a Seed Catalog

It’s an act of faith, really,
ordering a seed catalog in January,
at least it is when you live in the north,
rooted deeply in a cherished belief
that this might be the year the spinach doesn’t bolt
when it’s 3 inches tall.
It’s rather like buying a lottery ticket,
Most of the enjoyment lies
in visions of potential,
in dreams of green.

Morning Pockets

My morning coat has pockets
stuffed with wonders and what ifs
I thrust my hands into them
and blindly tell them over in my mind.

There are roads still to be followed,
like a tangled skein of string,
words to say, and turns to take,
and faces waiting to be given names.

There are cherished outcome wrappers
like disappointment bookmarks
that rustle when I touch them,
empty, yet still vying for attention.

There are keys that jingle snippets
of songs I don’t remember,
existing as a promise
of opening that  special door one day.

There are folded bits of paper,
numbered patterns on their wings,
like butterflies at rest, they
wait for my decipherment to fly.

I could empty all my pockets
throw the contents on the bed
but the magic might escape and
I rather have the wonder than the truth.



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