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Poem for Moonlit Night

The moon shone bright
in the middle of the night,
rolling ‘round a starry sky,
brushing her hand
‘cross a snowy, sleeping land
she heaved a jaded sigh.

“There’s no one
to play with and have fun
since the water froze below.
And the only sparks
I can kindle in the dark
are the pale ones on the snow.”

Then peering ‘round
a window ledge she found
a dark cascade of prisms.
A beam she cast
sparked a rainbow, and she laughed
as the colours gleamed and glistened.

She played all night
with the prisms and the light
and she never once suspected
that a wakeful eye
was a witness to the sight
and bathed in the light reflected.

The Art of Misdirection

Next time you notice me revving my brain
before engaging my heart,
hold me close, spin me ‘round, laugh at me, make
me happy instead of smart.

Next time my eyes seem blind to the beauty
surrounding us every day
tickle me, shine a strong light through a prism
to dazzled my darkness away.

Next time the rats start winning the race,
and putting us into a bind,
kiss me quick, dance with me, buy me a cat,
and move the finish line.



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