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Things worth pursuing;
sun beams and prism rainbows.
Things worth sharing;
warm touch and  laughter.
Things worth giving away;
forgiveness and praise.
Things worth keeping;
true love and memories.


Painting a New Home With an Old Life

A new home is like an empty canvas.
Aside from the obvious fresh paint
on the walls,
there is a sense of potential,
a re-evaluation of the corporeal things
that populate our lives, shape
our routines, and represent us
to the world.

We hang a painting on the pristine wall,
place prisms in the windows to spark rainbows,
throw down a hand made rug,
and suddenly the canvas is not so empty anymore.

Some things make the cut,
others languish in liquor boxes
until the next garage sale or are abandoned
on the back doorstep of the nearest
thrift shop.
Only to be discovered by another soul
looking for new colours to splash
upon their own
empty canvas.


As You Sighed

I gave the full moon prisms and watched her
paint rainbows on your shoulders in the night.
Living tattoos of silver light sifted through
pendant diamonds and spread in sparks of colour
across the bed, slowly creeping
closer as you slept, like a lover
attracted to the warmth
of your body, the gems caressed your skin
and rippled as you sighed.



Rainbows Day and Night

Morning rainbows hang.
Pendant prism reflections
shiver in our breath.

Palms cupped together
hold the sunbeam’s refractions.
Hands filled with colour.

Moonlit prisms gleam.
An eerie rainbow reaches
blindly from midnight.

A glimpse of ghost light
glancing in pale reflections,
Flickers in star glow.

Haiku Anagrammed

When our logic failed
reason gave me no answers.
Hearts filled in the blanks.
Like rainbows flashing
we ensnared the headlong lies
from nature’s alcove.




The second haiku is an anagram of the first haiku

Sun Slants

Sun slants its rays past
vertical blinds in shadows
of bars on my wall.

Sun slants its rays through
prisms and showers rainbows
of light on my face.

Sun slants its rays midst
branches and leaves, dappling
patterns on my skin.


Butterflies and Corpses

I used to love butterflies
till I found out they’re attracted to corpses.
I used to love sunsets
till I found out radiation can blind you.
And I used to love stars that twinkle, then I read
that apparently most of them are already dead
I’m not sure if there’s a dark side to a rainbow
but I used to love them too.

It’s a dangerous pastime and a foolish act,
loving things you know can’t love you back
and now that I understand what they really are
I’ll just like butterflies, sunsets, rainbows and stars,
but I’ll go on loving you.



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