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Stand Up

Poppy2004Stand up for the ones who have served.
Stand up for the ones who have fallen.
Not just for a minute one day of the year,
when the piper or bugler is calling.

For as they fought for us, now it is time
that we fight for them in return
to make sure they get the care and the help
that they so selflessly earned.

Let your remembrance be constant;
a pledge, not just a token.
Honour the dead by helping the ones
who came home battered and broken.


Too Early

The Thanksgiving turkeys are gobbled and gone.
The pumpkins have all disappeared.
The poppies have all slipped from jacket lapels
as we come to the close of the year.

With each passing occasion the early birds squirm
like the worms they are destined to eat
“now?”, not yet, “now?” not yet, “now?” they whine
Oh, alright – but just don’t blame me

When your house is the only one lit up at night
and stands out like a thumb
that is sore from counting out money to burn
on décor that’s thought tacky by some. 

Well you might win a cash prize for the flickering lights
but I’m willing to wager a bet
that the cost of your monthly electrical bill
those winning will never offset.

And now that the end of November is lurking
like shoppers who wait for a sale,
more LED lights come on down the block
on an even more grander scale.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Christmas and all
but the preamble’s just way too long
The only thing I do this early for Christmas
is practice my Christmas songs.


He Wore a Poppy

He never talked about the war.
He had scars
but some didn’t show on the outside.
He wore a poppy
but never went to the Legion.
He had medals that he was proud of
but he never displayed them.
I remember taking them to Show and Tell in grade one.
He never talked about the war.
But even as a child I knew
it followed him like a shadow
so he faced the light of love
and family and community and
kept the shadow behind him.
We put a poppy on his coffin.



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