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Breathing Free

The best things in life are fleeting;
the savour of a home grown melon, dripping sweetness,
the caress of a soft chinook wind on a winter cold face,
the oriole’s song vibrating down the ravine,
the prismatic gems on a raindrop studded lawn,
the good earth breathing humus into the dusk.
The best things in life are fleeting and worthy
of remembrance so that in dark moments
we may close our eyes, hold them close,
and breathe free again.



Sun falls through the trees
raven shadows call to me,
flicker ‘cross my face.

I will hold this day;
The smell of the forest floor,
soft wind on my face,

rough bark ‘neath my hand.
The tang of wild raspberry
lingers on my tongue.

I will hold this day.
Take it out and set it free
some cold winter’s night.


One Day

One day I will be able to remember you
without crying.

One day I will be able to sing
the song I wrote for you
without my voice quavering,
and leaf through photo albums
without my hand shaking.
One day I will be able to speak your name
without that sharp pain in my heart,
and wear your locket
without feeling its weight.
One day your memory will find its fulcrum in my heart.
One day only love will remain.
Not today, but soon.



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