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Rapture Today – Figures!

Bill and I just purchased a brand new 25 foot trailer (with a slide out). We are already in raptures over our lovely new home away from home. Haven’t really been paying much attention to the foo-forah about the latest ‘end of the world’ foolishness so when I realized that it is supposed to happen at 6pm (apparently it’s scheduled for 6pm everywhere, convenient, that) I sighed deeply and said “It figures! We finally seem to have gotten all the ducks in a row and the darned old Rapture’s going to happen.” Oh well, I guess I might have felt more cheated if it happened right after I’d paid off the trailer.  Kind of like when our house burned down years ago – somehow deep inside there was an appreciation that I hadn’t bothered to wash the dishes before leaving that morning. I suppose that if I was a more cautious person I’d be covering my bases and praying my ass off, but what with 1984, Nostradamus, Y2K, Killer meteor scares, and the ever-present (and real) threat of nuclear annihilation, I just don’t care anymore. If the end’s coming it’s going to find me completely unprepared because I’ll be busy living my life just as if I was in my right mind.

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One thought on “Rapture Today – Figures!

  1. Alice on said:

    Well put Linda. None of us even know if we will have till 6PM tonight and life is about living it.

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