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You May Live a Long Time: Are You Ready – book review

I recently read an exceptionally good book by Lyndsay Green, titled “You May Live a Long Time: Are You Ready?” In it she tackles the concept of a ‘successful old age’ (not just financial success either!) and let’s face it, many of us are not only guilty of not planning for our retirement (waiting to win the lottery doesn’t count) we’re in absolute denial about it! Lyndsay talked to many seniors who are, under her terms ‘successful’, in that they are living happy, fulfilled lives.  The kicker is that my mum is one of the seniors she interviewed and I didn’t realize it, while I was reading it, something that one of her interviewees (they all have ficticious names) made me jump and say out loud “That’s my Mum!”
But aside from the fact that my mother’s successful seniorhood is enshrined between the covers (along with many others) this is a very intelligent assessment of what kind of behaviours and attitudes we need to cultivate to ensure the golden years are as happy and fulfilled as we’d like. Lyndsay has a real knack for seeing the patterns that emerged as she interviewed these lovely seniors and translating them into simple, actionable guides for those of us creeping up on those golden years, many of us with trepidation, some of us with abject horror (There are days…).
I would definitely recommend this book no matter what age you are because many of the behaviours and attitudes espoused are excellent ways to enjoy life here and now, not just when you get older.

Check out Lyndsay’s blog and you can find her book at

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