Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Mike to Zulu

November is gone” I said “It’s January already.
Oscar and
Papa went back to
Quebec months ago.”
“Romeo?” Mike asked, though I knew he knew the answer.
“Sierra Leone” I whispered. He laughed. “It takes two to
Tango. I should have realized it was bad when I saw you were in
Victor left some
Whiskey behind. I don’t suppose that would show up in the
X-ray would it?” He gestured to a bag beside the bed. “Some
Yankee crap, but Vic never was a connoisseur of good whiskey. Probably
Zulu hooch.” I smiled. Anything Mike didn’t understand or like was Zulu.



I suppose some rationalization may be in order here, considering the above poem is really more prose than poem. It was really just a bit of creative fun, sort of an excerpt from an ABC book for adults (see yesterday’s poem for Alpha to Lima). So please don’t look too deep for meaning or you might bump your nose, it’s that shallow! lol.

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