Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Some Assembly Required

Insert characters A and B into
Plot Line C (some twisting may occur).
Do not operate this Plot Line
while making toast in the shower.
Do not run with this Plot Line or allow small children
to play with it.
Plot Line C operates on synaptic batteries
Recharge these regularly for optimum results.
A wide range of accessories are available for your Plot Line C.
These include Settings, Supporting Characters, Foreshadowing, Conflicts,
Denoument, Climax, and Sequels.
Accessories can be found in a cerebrum near you.
Misuse of accessories or incorrect installation into Plot Line C
will cause pink slips to begin appearing in your mail and will
void all warrantees.
If Plot Line C stalls or refuses to move in the forward direction
place in your bottom file cabinet drawer and leave for several years.
Then remove, scan, and recycle.



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