Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

The Making of a Man

It began with a babe who was held with love
It ended with a man not afraid to love 

It began with a toddler with a curious mind
It ended with a man with an open mind
It began with boy not afraid to talk
It ended with a man not afraid to listen
It began with a teen who knew right from wrong
It ended with a man who will right the wrongs
It began with your father and me
And now it begins with you


#42 –  for my son on his 26th birthday

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3 thoughts on “The Making of a Man

  1. I love it. Happy birthday to your handsome son.

  2. I like the organic growth of this poem, I feel the baton of life being passed on and the cycle of making a man continues, it conveys itself through the poem, not only a cycle of life, but a cycle of love too. You write lucidly and having checked out your music you sing beautifully too. Best wishes. Neil

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