Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Shut My Mouth

Within every meeting are sown seeds of parting.
Hi echoes goodbye.
Rot follows ivy as  
hobbled humanity (yes, us) flees time
although accidents happen with every eccentric tick
of a clock have hope,
you’ll cry,
but eventually you’ll be happy.


Spamagram: Below lurks the bizarre spam message that I anagrammed into the poem above.

“Even though you’re any of the lucky enough choices, it comes evidently, although capture the fancy with the certain coveted by ly folks other valuable you you meet may possibly possibly well have hard times this specific problem. pre owned awnings”


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7 thoughts on “Shut My Mouth

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Hi Linda, Congratulations! I’ve checked it and it’s now a true anagram! Well done for a seamless tweak of your poem (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the same thing, sometimes virtually rewriting a whole poem for the sake of 2 or 3 rogue letters!) and for not taking the easy option and adding a random ‘R’ to the Spam.
    There are a few anagram checking programs available. If you go on the Anagrammy website, you’ll see ‘Anagram Checker’ amongst the categories at the bottom of the page. Just go to the page and copy and paste yout complete anagram in the box on the screen, separating the subect and the anagram with an = sign and it will tell you if it’s a true anagram (and, if not, why not). Also, you will see on the home page that there is an invitation to download (for free!) Anagram Artist, by Mike Keith. I wholeheartedly recommend this; it’s a wonderful piece of software that enables you to create and check longer anagrams and I couldn’t have created my anagram poems/songs/jokes without it. It’s not a ‘cheat’ as it won’t compose them for you, it merely breaks the subject down into letters so that you can see what you have available to play with at any given time. The rest is up to you and your creative ability – not a problem in your case! You will see on the anagram-checker page that there is a facility to then post the anagram straight to the forum, but ignore this if you are merely using the facility for checking purposes only.
    If you like, I’ll pave the way for you on the Forum by saying how we got to know about each other so that they’ll have a bit of background knowledge when/if you post the anagram. If you need any help on the actual posting I’ll be pleased to assist.
    On the subject of anagramming poems. we have an Israeli contributor named Mey who is a genius in this genre. Just have a look at the following link showing his recent entry, which won the Special section of our monthly competitions in March. He takes poetry-anagramming to unimagineable levels:

    • Thank you Tony! I’d love it if you gave me an introduction to the members and I’ll go there today! I went noodling on the anagrammy site after I replied yesterday and found Anagram Artist and downloaded it, I had a good time playing with it and getting to understand how it worked. It’s going to be a valuable toot that’s for certain. I see more spamagrams in my future, lol!

      • Tony Crafter on said:

        Ok, I’ve given you an introduction! (Post No. 121542.) Have fun but don’t get hooked on anagrams or it’ll interefere with your poem-a-day activities!

  2. Tony Crafter on said:

    Hey, well done Linda!! I’m most impressed, not only with the poem, which is a work of merit in it’s own right but also the fact that it is an anagram of that SPAM gibberish. You’ve turned dross into a jewel! I think you should come on our anagram forum (where I’m a moderator) at and post that. We love to see new names contributing and everyone’ll be as impressed as I am with that! It’ll also be an opportunity for you to give my fellow anagram-addicts a link to your blog. All of them are appreciative of good quality poetry and literature (and indeed produce it regularly themselves) and there are contributors from all around the world, including several from the US and one from Canada. I would be more than happy to post this for you if you’d prefer (under your name of course, with a bit of background and a link to your blog). Let me know!

    PS: In anticipation of this, I’ve run your anagram through an anagram checker. You seem to have a surplus ‘R’ in your poem, and the anagram would be rejected for this reason, if posted. (This could easily be rectified by adding an ‘R’ to the SPAM gibberish – call it poetic licence!)

    • Will do! Where to you find an anagram checker? I’m always a bit paranoid about getting it right and that sounds like a good way to do it! I’d love to visit the anagram forum. I’ll check in today! It sounds great

    • I just couldn’t bring myself to fudge the results by adding an r to the spam portion – so I did a little rewriting to remove the extra r! Thanks for the catch!

    • Now I’m paranoid! Tony would you run the rewrite through your anagram checker and see if I missed/deleted any other letters! I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot when I go to the anagram forum!

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