Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

The Scathing Nausic Lingle

Punce a time whilst scambling
along a wendling way,
warbling nausic lingles
To parse the rhyme of day

I slivvied in a squishel
emprattling my pride
while splatlets on my nattiness
bumbled up my stride.

My peekers angled sighways
“Who bungled me?” I bay.
“Who skid this risky squishel
along my wendling way?”

T’was sillig for a second
then a brachy voice interth
“Your nausic lingles scathe me
gerroff and wendle firth.”

“Who peaches me” I gargle
“Who pratts my nausic lingles?”
but never nother slight was slewn
Twixt bramblers and bingles.


“with apologies to Lewis Carroll…”
The Scathing Nausic Lingle – Part II

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