Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Making Bread in the Library

I – The Reanimation
Sleepy little granules of yeast
in a warm sweet bath.
Shelly’s mad scientist fanning
the spark of life.

II – The Integration
A little fat, a little salt
become one with a big bowlful of flour.
Lean Lawrence crosses
the Arabian sands.

III – The Inundation
Water, water with the yeast in it,
Flooding the dusty, floury world.
No ark here
all are drowned.

IV – The Agitation
Stir it stiffly.
Knead it rhythmically.
Willie’s witches stir
a bubbling cauldron.

V – The Trepidation
Will it rise?
Will it come again?
Watch for the Whale
Thar she blows.

VI – The Retardation
Knock it down
Start over.
Like Tom Joad
Just trying to get along.

VII – The Formation
Shape and mold
into a pleasing form.
Kim shapes the world
and the world shapes him.

VIII – The Rejuvenation
Tenacious leavening
bubbles expand within.
Once more into the breach,
Willie once again, and why not?

IX – The Transformation
Into the oven,
Hot air wafts to meet you
Like the faint hot breeze
before Atlanta burned.

X – The Coronation
King of the dinner table
crowned with a light brush of butter.
Pull the sword from the stone
and cut a slice of life.



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