Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

The Fray

Once more, once more into the fray
but what the poet didn’t say
was once that fray is overcome
you’ll probably face another one.

It seems for some the fray’s eternal
whether inner or external.
for fray is just another term
for strife and every breath confirms

that fray is just around the bend
waiting for you once again,
once more, once more until you say
‘no more, no more into the fray.’



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5 thoughts on “The Fray

  1. Into the Fray…. this reminds me of rehearsals, when the going gets tough, and progress is slim. It also strikes a chord as I have recently resolved to ‘retire’ from teaching theatre at FSJACL, but my hope is someone else will pick up the torch. It takes strength too, to say good-bye and let go. Thanks for the poem, it helped to clarify my thoughts this week.

  2. Life is like that isn’t it? Just when we think we can’t handle any more, we are forced to find a new strength to get through the next and the next…Maybe so that we know just how strong we are! ?

    • Perhaps we’re in training for what comes next! (whatever that may be…)

      • Strikes terror into the heart, doesn’t it? And yet, if we remember how good God is, we remember that HE knows best and works on our behalf to draw out OUR best! (Sometimes I myself would choose different course materials! 🙂 )

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