Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Zombies Among Us

We are in danger of becoming zombies.
They lurk in wait, the ghouls that gorge
upon the suffering of others,
living dead that feast upon mountains of misfortune,
invented from mundane molehills.
Fear mongers who descry death
and conspiracy behind
kittens and butterflies.
And every time we spare them
a minute of our time to read their
wraith-like wailings we hand over
part of our soul.
No, don’t press ‘play’, it isn’t playful.
It’s hurtful, aimless, mindless brainwashing.
The zombies are trying to make you believe
that their lives are more important than your own,
It’s not news, it’s the internet zombies
trying to eat your brain.
Gain control, alt, delete.
There are zombies inside your computer!



It’s okay to come to this site though. This is a zombie free zone!

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2 thoughts on “Zombies Among Us

  1. Wow a very powerful & relevant poem! Deep and Strong.

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