Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…


Each problem carries the seeds of its own resolution
camouflaged by preconception and a general lack of faith.
They germinate overnight, tentative sprouts of ‘what if’
and ‘maybe’ reaching out to the first light every morning.

Sometimes they live through
cold water poured on them, or their
roots being pulled up to see how they grow,
but transplantation is iffy, only a few
have been known to survive the grafting of
guarantees and fail-safes onto their fragile stems, and
genetic modification begets nightmares.

Such a simple thing; a sprout.
Next time one appears I will just put my hands
in my pockets and watch it grow.



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3 thoughts on “Sprouts

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  2. I actually rather like sprouts… So I enjoyed the imagery here.

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