Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Can You Tell Me the Time?

I hereby revoke
time’s untimely yoke
and assert that time travel
is mine to invoke.

If clocks can be set
back or forward, I bet
I could set a calendar
without much regret.

And the time that I choose
would be mine to reuse
or rethink, or relive,
to gain or to lose.

A million years will go by
past the day that I die
and I’ll meet myself travelling
and ask for the time.


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4 thoughts on “Can You Tell Me the Time?

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Just a small point, Linda. 3rd verse, last line – should be ‘lose’ not ‘loose’. Sorry to be pedantic, I did enjoy the poem though!

    • OMG! I have a fatal attraction to that particular error!! The more I try to correct it, the more I second guess, the more confused I get – Bizarre isn’t it? Thanks Tony! I appreciate your early warning so I don’t look too illiterate for too long, lol!

      • Tony Crafter on said:

        That’s ok! 😉 I have the same problem with certain words. I can spell ‘onomatopoeia’, no problem, but I never know whether it’s label’ or ‘lable’. Now that *is* dumb!

      • I do that one too! (same thing for ladle/ladel) lol! and sometimes my speller flips over to french and I spell syrup as sirop and dance as danse,

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