Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Don’t Shoot Me I’m Just the Independent Musician…

I am a songwriter,
I write music and lyrics.
I am a performer,
I play guitar and I sing.

I am an independent recording artist.
I have put my money, quite literally,
where my mouth is;
paying for recording, manufacturing,
and promoting my CDs of original music.

But apparently that is not enough.
Now I must give that music away for free
(although the internet site that sells it to you
will still keep their share).

Why does society crave entertainment and
yet distain and disrespect the entertainer?
Don’t shoot me, I’m just the independent musician.

Sorry if this doesn’t seem like poetry but it’s where my head was at this morning. The Supreme Court of Canada, in its infinite wisdom, has declared that creators of music should not be compensated for digital downloads of their music. I am stunned by the magnitude of this ill advised legislation. It is a petty, miserly kick in the guts for every indie musician and the cherry on top is that it is highly unlikely that the music buying public will save a cent on their downloads – it’ll just go into the middleman pocket. If you want to read more about this here is the link to the news story that started my day out with a slap in the face.
If you believe that artists should be fairly compensated for their creations, please share this blog posting anyway you can, twitter, facebook, or print it out and send it to your Aunt Mary… People need to know how they’re being manipulated – and how the only ones who are going to be punished are the artists, sigh…


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