Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Time to Do What Should Be Done

There are more stores where you can find
finished products on  the shelf
than ones where you can buy
stuff to make those things yourself.

The simple things, the canning rings
the denim by the bolt
the basic stuff’s replaced by fluff
I’d like to revolt

but apparently it’s convenient
to buy things ready made
so we can spend more time
sitting in the shade

of our television screen
that often pauses to dispense
directions to where we can go
to buy more convenience.

Enough convenience already!
I think it’s time to take
back our right to take our time
over things we want to make. 

And begin to see the difference
between convenience and traps
that make us buy things several times
because they’re built of crap.

That makes us eat what’s easy
instead of what is good,
instead of understanding what
is in and on our food.

Fast to slow, junk to gem
and maybe we won’t need
the shrinks and gyms and supplements
that seem to sprout like weeds

To take advantage of the fools
that we’ve all become
because we just can’t take the time
to do the things that should be done.

Convenience be damned, it’s time to do
the things that should be done.



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4 thoughts on “Time to Do What Should Be Done

  1. Very well said.
    I swear I read this quote somewhere, but I’ve googled it and apparently I made it up (perhaps the Winston Churchill in my head said it):
    “Convenience is the death of liberty.”

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