Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Time for Tea

The kettle grumbles
before it shrills its warning
That it’s time for tea.

Cups clink together,
Chivying for position
Oh, it’s time for tea.

Teapot steeps and dreams
a quiet, gentle brewing
Yes, it’s time for tea.

Teapot tips and pours,
turns clinking into clunking.
Soon it will be tea.

Spoon giggles, chases
milk and sugar round the cup.
Now, it’s tea. Yes now.



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5 thoughts on “Time for Tea

  1. You did know that tea promotes good health and good writing, didn’t you?”

  2. cynthia l on said:

    Tea appears to be a much more gentle entry into the morning than coffee, but man, I need the full body slam approach to get going.

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