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Proofing on Paper

Good Grief! I thought I’d proofed my book “Falling Awake” very thoroughly before I printed out a copy!

To make a long story short – I’m on the third go ’round and still finding dumb typos! Anyone who thinks they can do all their proofing on screen is sorely mistaken. It’s as though I had never heard of punctuation!  I, the ‘grammar hall monitor’ of Facebook, making bonehead mistakes all through the book!

This will, hopefully, be the last go through – then I’ll send it to the ultimate proof reader (my hubby, Bill) who will, indubitably, find the last of my sins against the English language, and finally we will publish. Sigh…

For all those out there who wanted a copy of the book, hang on, it’s comin’!

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5 thoughts on “Proofing on Paper

  1. All those things are necessary before the printing: editing, proofing, reading, correcting spelling, punctuation, etc. And, printing, this is a must because on the computer screen you don’t see all the mistakes. And, if you have a program that reads it back to you, is another get tool for fine tuning your words. You can listen to the words as they are being read to you by the computer. I use “Newnovelist 3”.

  2. It is amazing how different things look on paper…even with the same font/size.
    I’m doing the NaPoWriMo thing and, thanks to your inspiration, thinking of keeping the poem-a-day pace going even after April is over.

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