Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Patagonia in the Winter

If I lived in Patagonia in the winter
I could avoid the snow and cold and dark. A
happy camper I
as back and forth I fly
sans heavy boots and mitts and hooded parka.

If I lived in Patagonia in the winter
I wouldn’t slip and slide in ice and snow.
The most I’d slip on is a sweater
as I enjoyed the weather
‘cos their summer is our winter don’cha know.

I could live in Patagonia in the winter
Speak Spanish and never have a care.
For the rest of the year
I’d just live here.
But first I’ll have to be a millionaire.



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2 thoughts on “Patagonia in the Winter

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    How strange that I should turn on my PC and find you’ve written a poem about Patagonia. I’ve just this minute finished watching a programme about it! What an incredible place: scorching deserts, snow capped peaks, steppes, grasslands, active volcanos, spectacular scenery and incredible waterfalls. Not sure whether I could spend a season there though; I think I’ll just stay in my sleepy village in Kent with a convenient country pub at the end of the road. Hmm… I wonder, do they have pubs in Patagonia? It could be a game-changer. Could also be the name of a poem… ‘Do They Have Pubs in Patagonia?’ Go on Linda… I challenge you! 😉

    • You gotta quit reading my mail, Tony. Lol! I may do a follow up piece on Patagonia, mostly I just like the sound of the name and the fact that it’s placed about the same as where I live now except for on the opposite side of the globe… (okay geography was never my strong suit…) and therefore should be the exact opposite of our seasons. As you may have discovered from previous poems, me and 40 below do not get along well.

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