Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

My Word

My words must stand alone
because I will not always be there to
illuminate their origins,
explain their motivation,
excuse their shortcomings.

I do not know where or how far they will travel
so they must go into the world prepared
to function without my assistance.

My words don’t come with illustrations or
extraneous instructions for operation.
They must provide that within themselves
or they are not complete.

I raised my children the same way.

Just to be clear – the following doesn’t constitute instructions for the operation of this poem…lol. It’s just an aside that I thought would give you a chuckle.
My new version of MS Word doesn’t have a ‘Help’ button; instead it has an icon shaped like a light bulb with a prompt that reads  “Tell me what you want to do”. I told it that I wanted to write a poem. It told me “Sorry, there are no results for ‘I want to write a poem’.”

I told it that I wanted to be happy. It told me I should insert word art and wrap text around pictures. I miss ‘Clip-it’; at least he smiled at me.

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