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Her laughter is infectious,
His wit is slightly snide,
The two of them together are
comedy personified.

They fight like cats and dogs
But God help any schmoe
who might hurt his big sister
or pick on her li’l bro.

They are family, they are siblings
and they’re a joy to have around.
They’re my children and I love them.
They make me laugh out loud

with their quirky sense of humour
(Don’t know where they got that from)
I’m just happy that they love me
and proud to be their Mum.




My Word

My words must stand alone
because I will not always be there to
illuminate their origins,
explain their motivation,
excuse their shortcomings.

I do not know where or how far they will travel
so they must go into the world prepared
to function without my assistance.

My words don’t come with illustrations or
extraneous instructions for operation.
They must provide that within themselves
or they are not complete.

I raised my children the same way.

Just to be clear – the following doesn’t constitute instructions for the operation of this poem…lol. It’s just an aside that I thought would give you a chuckle.
My new version of MS Word doesn’t have a ‘Help’ button; instead it has an icon shaped like a light bulb with a prompt that reads  “Tell me what you want to do”. I told it that I wanted to write a poem. It told me “Sorry, there are no results for ‘I want to write a poem’.”

I told it that I wanted to be happy. It told me I should insert word art and wrap text around pictures. I miss ‘Clip-it’; at least he smiled at me.

I’ll Let You Fall

Thinking of my father
and the mischief in his smiles.
I thought I was looking back
but he was really up ahead breaking trail for me for miles.

Dreaming of my mother
and the softness of her skin.
Wish I could hear her silly sneeze,
or hear her sing ‘Ta rah rah boom de-ay’ again.

And now that I am older
I see I never saw at all.
The hardest thing they ever did
was stand aside and let me fall.

And the hardest thing I’ve ever done
was stand aside and let you fall.



The Plural of

Add an s and you should be done
but that wouldn’t be any fun.
If singular window is windows when plural
it follows that house is houses, surely,
but put a mouse inside that house
and soon you’ll have a lot of mouses.
They’ll spread and soon there will be mice
living in all your neighbours’ hice.

If the plural of tooth is teeth
then it only seems right to me,
that though  I smooth the path for others
and they may smooth the path for me,
if we smoothed paths together
we’d have to say “we smeethed”.

Like a child in the wild
or children in the wildren
tedium for one medium
is tedia for two media.

And if someone decides to lay down and die
would two people then lie down and dice?

I think perhaps I’ve lost my focus
and wandered into hocus pocus.
If you did too, then we lost our foci
and wandered into hoci poci.

What I Dreamed

When I was a kid, my dreams for the future
included flying cars, and world peace,
and vacations at resorts on the moon or in
domes on the bottom of the ocean.
I dreamed of terraforming Mars and boarding
a spaceship as easily as I would step onto a bus.

What a rip.
I guess I stuck around long enough
to see a lot of dreams get left behind like
stacks of old ‘Popular Science’ magazines.

I guess the important dreams were the ones
I didn’t realize I had until they came true;
healthy children,
good friends,
and you.
You’re not what I dreamed of.
You’re better.



How to Transplant a Flower – or – How a Child is Like a Flower

Know where you’re going.
Make sure there is a soft and comforting bed
with all the flower needs to thrive at hand.

Work quickly.
The limbo between old home and new home
is a dangerous place and flowers wilt easily.

Sever as few roots as possible.
Flowers need roots to grow, severing too many
will stunt them and make them terribly sad.

Avoid high winds and blazing sun.
Tender little roots will shrivel under the onslaught
of nature’s volatile moods. Choose a cool, soft day.

Transplant into a nourishing environment.
Soft soil to dig their wee toes in, rain puddles,
sunshine; these are the things a flower needs.

It’s maintenance from there on.
A flower depends upon you for protection from weeds,
and pests, and unkind hands that pluck pretty flowers.

Be prepared to train the flower in how it should grow
with a loving hand, prune away the bad stuff,
provide frameworks for them to climb upon.

That’s how you transplant a flower.



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