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Life with a Capital L – The Dry Run

     We are taking the month of September to explore down on the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. Because we want to be as mobile as possible, we decided to leave the RV trailer parked and we bought a used camper to plop onto the truck. It’s an older camper – Who am I kidding – it’s a blast from the seventies.

     Anyway, we decided to take the camper out for a trial run this weekend; just to see what we’d forgotten to pack. The list included many things, like a trash can, laundry detergent, and a teapot, but, most importantly, we realized that four inches of foam is just not enough padding for a comfortable sleeping experience. Two nights on the torture rack should be quite enough motivation to add a hunk of memory foam as a topper. After all, we’ll be sleeping in the camper for the better part of a month and there’s only so much pain and suffering a 60+ year old body can endure in the name of having fun.

     We landed at Riley’s Crossing around dinner time on Friday and spent a very enjoyable evening visiting with Cynthia and Randy, and also getting reacquainted with Joy Kruger and Mike Raymer (The Big Weee) – who were visiting from Victoria. (below left to right: Mike, me, Bill, Joy)

mike-linda bill joy

    On Saturday morning, Cyn and I went to the Dawson Creek Farmers Market and bought some very scrumptious veg (local) and fruit (okanagan). Discussions ensued about the relative merits and digestibility of kale. I still maintain that kale is just over mature cabbage with a really good PR manager. (please don’t bother telling me all the delightful ways to prepare said noxious veggie; I’ve ‘blechhed’ for the last time; I’m not going to try it anymore)

     We parked the truck/camper down by the pergola, which is a bit of a walk from the house, and Cynthia gave us the use of the ‘side by side’ to get to and from the house. I’m a pretty tentative driver. But Cynthia coached me and I actually drove it for a tour of some of their back trails! 

     I have brought along my digital slr camera and its manual. In the spirit of living Life with a capital L, I’ve decided to spend my passenger time reading up and figuring out all the buttons and dials. And hopefully getting some good experience and photos for the blog. I’ll also be checking myself out on my new Surface computer – like an oversized tablet yet with all the computing power of a laptop, the Surface promises to be another great way to document my capital L search.

     On Saturday night we all went to see The Big Weee perform at Diamond Willow Retreat. (Thank you to Dale Crocker for providing music during the dinner, and thank you Karen McGowan for the dinner.) Joy and Mike are extremely talented buskers, up from Victoria. They blend their very original original songs with cover tunes that had everyone singing along. Their energetic and enthusiastic performance and their easy rapport with the audience, surely a product of their busking experience, provides an engaging and entertaining musical experience. Check out this YouTube video I uploaded of The Big Wee playing Chula Vista.

      After the show we reconvened at Riley’s Crossing for a campfire at the Pergola (yes, the campfire bans had been lifted) and yarned and sang our way to midnight. 

     Riley’s Crossing is truly a gem – and Cyn and Randy are gems too. They often host visiting musicians and cyclists and couch surfers, so there’s always the possibility of meeting someone interesting when you go for a visit.  The Big Weee are not only talented musicians, they’re really nice folks. As far as I’m concerned this weekend was definitely Life with a capital L. I declare the trial run a success!

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    Good fun…

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