Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Campers Are Better – A Poem

A camper is better than a tent
No canvas folds, like slightly moist maps incapable
of refolding to their original intention, heavy
and smelling gently of mold.

A camper is better than a trailer
With its awkward backing and wild
gesticulations from directionally challenged, strategically
stationed passengers who immediately
step out of hindsight.

A camper is better than a hotel
Imagine that hundred dollar difference burning
a hole in your pocket at the souvenir stand.

A camper is better than sleeping in the back seat
of your car on top of a hard shell
guitar case when you don’t know
where you’re going. Don’t ask,
it’s a long story. Just take my word for it.
A camper is better – for now anyway.


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One thought on “Campers Are Better – A Poem

  1. Good one Linda 🙂

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