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yesterday (Thursday, Aug 31) was our last day of work, but we’re not leaving until AFTER the long weekend to avoid the traffic and campground congestion. Upon checking the air quality website for BC (You can find anything on the web), we decided to book a hotel room for our stay overnight in 100 Mile House. It seemed like a good idea to avoid breathing in the smoke as much as possible and – since the rooms are air conditioned – we figured that would be more comfortable all around. I know that air conditioning isn’t perfect; but it’s better than smoke. We’re going to be staying at the Ramada; we’ve stayed there before and liked it.

We haven’t planned too much but we hope to be down on the Sunshine Coast by the evening of Sept 6th. We’re looking forward to visiting my Big Bro, George Connell and his delightful partner Pia! George is an artist, a writer,  and a musician who will be having a CD Release in October.  Pia is an outrageously talented potter/artist. I hope you’ll treat yourself to a visit to their websites.

Georges icom





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