Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

The Plural of

Add an s and you should be done
but that wouldn’t be any fun.
If singular window is windows when plural
it follows that house is houses, surely,
but put a mouse inside that house
and soon you’ll have a lot of mouses.
They’ll spread and soon there will be mice
living in all your neighbours’ hice.

If the plural of tooth is teeth
then it only seems right to me,
that though  I smooth the path for others
and they may smooth the path for me,
if we smoothed paths together
we’d have to say “we smeethed”.

Like a child in the wild
or children in the wildren
tedium for one medium
is tedia for two media.

And if someone decides to lay down and die
would two people then lie down and dice?

I think perhaps I’ve lost my focus
and wandered into hocus pocus.
If you did too, then we lost our foci
and wandered into hoci poci.

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