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The Way of Things

Silence infiltrates music
wraps itself around each note,
framing melodies like negative space in a picture.

Music seduces silence,
awakening the longing
of a soundless soul to dance with eyes closed.



We Are the Ones

We are the ones who take the chance
Who sing the song, who step the dance
Who dare to try, who lose control
and don’t care who might see our soul,
the ones the world’s sweet song enchants.

And in our search for  true romance
We take a stand, a lover’s stance
Against indifference, hard and cold.
We are the ones.

Come sing the song, come step the dance
Give up your heart and take the chance
And open up your eyes, behold
as possibilities unfold.
take back your dreams from circumstance.
We are the ones.



Not a rondel, but a rondeau – inspired by a comment from Tony!

The Art of Misdirection

Next time you notice me revving my brain
before engaging my heart,
hold me close, spin me ‘round, laugh at me, make
me happy instead of smart.

Next time my eyes seem blind to the beauty
surrounding us every day
tickle me, shine a strong light through a prism
to dazzled my darkness away.

Next time the rats start winning the race,
and putting us into a bind,
kiss me quick, dance with me, buy me a cat,
and move the finish line.



Universal Art On a Celestial Fridge Door

Perhaps art is just
the child of the Universe
drawing with crayons;

dance, her innocent
skipping to the beat of the
Universe’s heart;

music, her humming
in the darkness until sleep
crawls in beside her;

poetry, just her
crayons accidentally
forming random words.



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