Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

We Are the Ones

We are the ones who take the chance
Who sing the song, who step the dance
Who dare to try, who lose control
and don’t care who might see our soul,
the ones the world’s sweet song enchants.

And in our search for  true romance
We take a stand, a lover’s stance
Against indifference, hard and cold.
We are the ones.

Come sing the song, come step the dance
Give up your heart and take the chance
And open up your eyes, behold
as possibilities unfold.
take back your dreams from circumstance.
We are the ones.



Not a rondel, but a rondeau – inspired by a comment from Tony!

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4 thoughts on “We Are the Ones

  1. Wonderful… I had a little problem with the iambs with the last line in the middle stanza.. I love the line “we are the ones”

    • Yes, I see how that could have been a trip-up. I probably should have written indifference as ‘indiff’rence’ to show that the voicing I was using was indeed three syllables instead of the usual four. My bad.

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